The BEST Targets brand was created in 2012 with the intent to build the best engineered, highest quality and reasonably priced AR500 6 plate rack for pistol competition. Through our competition travels we had found that many of the 6 plate racks were over priced and under designed. When we started to display and deliver our targets systems many people replied “that’s the best plate rack I’ve ever seen!” … and so the BEST Targets brand had a name. Our original 6 plate rack is still our flagship item but we quickly branched out into flat hanging targets for both pistol and rifle use. We stock many standard sizes and we are able to do short run custom targets affordably as well. In 2013 we came across The Last Stands while working on a target stand design of our own and realized they couldn’t be beat. We added The Last Stands to our product lineup and still get compliments on them after almost every set we ship. In May of 2015 we also added the new The Last Stands target hangers to our lineup. Based on feedback collected from shooters we have developed a few innovative items including the new Post Top Target System and the MOAI Gong. The newest addition to our lineup, the T-Post Target Hanger Hook, has added another target hanging option to the mix. We will soon be announcing some new retail partners and our goal continues to be to bring innovative target systems to market while maintaining our small size, flexibility and direct customer support.

BEST Targets is proud to be listed as a sponsor at handgun and precision rifle events including USPSA events run by the RPS Organization, the PRS National Championship Match, the Mammoth Sniper Challenge, PRS and Club Events at Woody’s Hunting & Rifle Club, the Guardian Long Range Competition, The Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge and the Woody’s DMM Season Finale.

Please contact us via email, through Facebook or at 704-657-7590 if you have any questions about BEST Targets. You can add your info to our mailing list here. Find members of the BEST Targets Shooting Team and their schedule on their page above and feel free to ask them any questions in person as well.

Thanks for your interest in BEST Targets!