Shooting Team

BEST Targets Shooting Team


Scott Whitehead

Scott competes in action pistol, 3-gun, NSSF Rimfire and Precision Rifle matches for the team. Scott has won his class in the USPSA SC and VA/MD state championships and also placed second in the NC NSSF Rimfire Limited Division. Scott paired with Chris to shoot the Mammoth Sniper Challenge five times posting strong top-5 finishes in 2016 and 2017. Scott has also competed in many and won a Guardian Long Range Competition, competed at IGL/37PSR and RPS 3-Gun matches, shot Precision Rifle Series events at Woody’s, K&M Precision, CORE and, shot in the 3-Gun Nation LR series and the Allegheny Sniper Challenge. Scott brought home a 1st place finish from the Big Dog Steel TNPRM and most recently finished 1st in Regular Division of the 2021 Mammoth Sniper Challenge with partner Joe Burdick and 2nd in Trooper Division of the Vortex Team Sniper Challenge with Chris.

Scott is supported by Volquartsen Customs in NSSF Rimfire competitions. In USPSA Scott shoots firearms by CZ-USA. All his precision rifles are built around KRG chassis. Every firearm Scott shoots sports Vortex Optics and accessories from Kahntrol Solutions.

Chuck Fogle

Chuck Fogle, a former U.S. Marine, is a pistol competitor and a NROI certified Range Officer. He enjoys shooting multiple disciplines including USPSA, NSSF Rimfire Challenge, Steel Pro-Am and 3-Gun. Chuck travels extensively with the team to events including the NC, SC, GA, and VA/MD State Championships as well as the Area 6 Championship and the Steel Pro-Am in Florida.Chuck enjoys competing in Production, Limited, and Limited-10 Divisions. Chuck started 2016 by entering his first precision rifle match – the Absolute Zero Sniper Match at FrontLine Defense and has continued shooting USPSA since. In 2017 Chuck paired with “Stags” to enter their first Mammoth Sniper Challenge.

Chuck competes primarily with CZ-USA handguns. In addition to competing with the team, Chuck manufactures ammunition for the BEST Targets pistol team under the RaceCity Reloads brand.

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews represents the team primarily in Precision Rifle events. Chris has competed in 5 Mammoth Sniper Challenges pairing with Scott Whitehead to post strong top-5 finishes in 2016 and 2017. In addition to Mammoth, Chris has shot the Woody’s DMM Match, PRS events at Woody’s and other precision rifle events at Reade Range, PA, Big Dog Steel,, VIR and as well as the IGL/37PSR 3-Gun match and the 2015 Green Beret Pro-Am at 37PSR. After becoming the Match Director of the Mammoth Sniper Challenge in 2019, Chris hasn’t competed as much but he’s recently returned to shoot the Guardian Long Range Competition at GTI, the Allegheny Sniper Challenge and to pair up with Scott again to finish 2rd in Trooper Division of the 2021 Vortex Team Sniper Challenge.

Chris always uses Vortex Optics along with muzzle brakes, PodMod Adapters and accessories from Kahntrol Solutions and he shoots with Mechanix Wear gloves at every opportunity. Optics on Chris’ gas guns are mounted in Aadland Engineering Aadmounts.